Lowest Price Guaranteed!

We guarantee to get you the lowest price on your new vehicle - including our advisory fee.

Carguy Questions

Am I really getting the best deal?

Yes. Car Guy is paid by you to negotiate a deal that strips away all hidden dealer costs. We leverage our volume buying power with the dealer's Fleet Manager to insure you the lowest price.

Do I have to go out of town to get my vehicle?

No. The majority of vehicles are found within your local market area. In the rare case that we must go outside your immediate area to secure the car of choice at a bottomline price, we can arrange to have it delivered locally.

Will I be able to take test drives?

Absolutely! Buying a new car is a very important decision and a test drive is always recommended. We offer guidance on how to arrange an undisturbed test drive.

What about warranty work and service?

There is no difference in the manufacturer's warranty. Through our services you are still purchasing your vehicle from the manufacturer's franchised dealer. You schedule warranty work and service just as you have with your other vehicles.